Educate Students About Water Pollution

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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides water pollution kits to schools to properly educate children on water quality, purification and contamination prevention methods.

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Water pollution is a problem present in every country on Earth due to domestic sewage, industrial, urban and agricultural run off and fossil fuels. Some communities in Canada still do not have access to safe drinking water complying with Canada’s national drinking water regulations, so the Safe Drinking Water Foundation’s hands-on educational programs serve to inform the public about drinking water quality issues and solutions in order to inspire change. Their Operation Water Pollution program provides water pollution kits to schools to allow students in grades five to twelve to explore the causes, effects and sources of water pollution around the world and in North America. Students are able to conduct authentic water quality analyses on their own local drinking water and other water samples, which can then be compared to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

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Everyone has the right to safe drinking water. Most source waters used for drinking water purposes in the world are not safe to drink without treatment. All too frequently, this water is consumed without treatment or with inadequate treatment. This results in human illness, which is a major concern in most rural areas in both developed and developing countries. It is by educating students that the world will have future leaders who are well-informed and have the aspiration to improve the drinking water quality situation in rural and First Nation communities in Canada.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • Unsafe drinking water causes an estimated 90 deaths and 90,000 illnesses in Canada each year
  • As of July 2007, SDWF estimates that more than 90 percent of First Nations communities in Canada have water treatment plants that cannot produce water that meets the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality
  • In the United States, 40% of rivers and 46% of lakes are too contaminated for activities like fishing and swimming
  • March 22nd is World Water Day
  • A leaky tap that drips once per second can waste 10,000 litres of water in one year
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Your impact donation is helping to achieve the below Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

  • SDG4 Quality Education
  • SDG6 Clean Water and Sanitation


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Safe Drinking Water Foundation

We reaffirm and promote all people's right to safe drinking water. With a focus on developing partnerships with rural communities throughout Canada and around the world, we intend to effect change at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels as well as within civil society and industries involved in the protection and production of public water supplies. We will deliver high quality, hands-on educational programs to thousands of classrooms in order to educate students, the leaders of tomorrow, about drinking water quality issues and solutions.

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Educate Students About Water Pollution
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