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How Do I Take Action? Your donation funds art therapy sessions and support sessions for victims of domestic abuse.

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Many women and their children across in Edinburgh are living in emotionally, physically, sexually, or economically abusive circumstances. With your donations, Edinburgh Women's Aid can offer support to these vulnerable people, through calls and support sessions as well as necessary equipment, food, and shelter. Different forms of support are offered, including drop-in sessions, crisis counselling, group and one-to-one sessions, and outreach support depending on each woman's specific needs.

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One-to-one support sessions help women to heal from their trauma and to build trust and good relationships with people who want to help them. Likewise, access to creative outlets such as art therapy can help children who have experienced domestic abuse to express their feelings, build better methods of communication, and promote a healthy recovery.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • In 2016-17, there were 58,810 domestic abuse incidents reported to the police – an increase of 1% from the previous year. 30,630 were dealt with by prosecutors, there were 10,830 convictions, a 12% decrease from 2015-16, the lowest level since 2012/2013
  • One in ten women in Scotland has experienced rape & one in five women in Scotland has had someone try to make them have sex against their will
  • At least 750,000 children a year witness domestic violence. Nearly three-quarters of children on the ‘at risk’ register live in households where domestic violence occurs
  • In 90% of cases of domestic violence the children or young people are in the same or next room as where the abuse is taking place
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Edinburgh Women's Aid

Edinburgh Women's Aid works to offer support to women who are suffering from domestic abuse. The support provided includes information and choices concerning domestic abuse, such as housing options, benefits, welfare rights and legal issues, as well as emotional support. We understand that getting help is a big decision and we’re here to support all women any way we can.

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Sponsor Art Therapy Sessions for Victims of Abuse
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