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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides Buzzy Bee equipment to children to ease the pain of receiving injections.

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It’s common for children to be scared of needles and injections, so we provide Buzzy Bees to ease the experience. Buzzy Bees vibrates and lowers the temperature of the child’s skin at the site of the injection. This confuses the nerve pathways and allows the child to receive an injection with almost no pain at all. It replaces the pain with temperature and movement.

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Children need their immunizations, injections and blood tests for treatment and to recover from the specialist care the hospital provides. Buzzy Bee also ensures doctors and nurses do not have to wait for numbing cream, especially as the emergency department can get busy and chaotic quickly.

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  • The Buzzy Bee Equipment used to block pain for over 31 million needle procedures
  • Buzzy Bee also works with dental care as vibration travels better through hard body parts like bone than soft parts like fat
  • 100,000 children pass through Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity doors every year
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Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity

We support over 100,000 children every year from all over Scotland by providing specialist care like spinal surgery, epilepsy surgery, neurology, plastic surgery and keyhole surgery. Through supporting families and setting up our Arts Programme, we have transformed the hospital experience for thousands of children. Hospitals can be scary places for children, so our work allows them to feel less scared and more supported and comfortable.

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Sponsor Pain Free Injections for a Children's Hospital
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