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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides birth kits to mothers in Nepal to ensure hygienic and safe labor.

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Every 10 seconds a newborn dies during delivery and every 108 seconds a mother dies from childbirth complications. 99% of these deaths happen in developing countries, yet most of them are easily preventable through proper medical care and hygiene. In Nepal, 1,500 women die in childbirth and 13,000 babies die within a month after delivery annually. One Heart Worldwide partners with local authorities and communities to increase the implementation of maternal and neonatal health programs. They have significantly decreased the mortality rate of mothers and newborns in the Baglung district, the Dolpa district and the Dhading district and are currently implementing their program in 14 other districts across Nepal. Their mission is to build a network of well-equipped birthing centres and facilities with well-trained health care providers to establish quality maternal and neonatal healthcare. Since 2010, they have reached 147,642 pregnancies and upgraded 345 birthing centres. As One Heart Worldwide works in rural areas in Nepal, they provide Birth Kits to women who are unable to reach birthing centers in time but still require the supplies for a safe delivery. Birth Kits include prenatal vitamins, a sterile sheet, surgical gloves, a sterile razor blade and tie to cut the umbilical cord, misoprostol, soap, sterile cloths to clean and dry the baby and warm blankets for insulation.

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Poverty, distance to facilities and lack of quality services are the main factors to higher maternal and newborn mortality rates in developing countries. Birth Kits are an invaluable tool in reducing deaths in case a woman is unable to reach a birthing facility equipped with trained health care providers and quality medical equipment. Every mother deserves a baby to cradle, not a tiny body to bury. Many mothers and newborns in developing countries die from complications that would be easily preventable or treatable in developed countries, such as post-partum infections and severe bleeding. In 2017, the maternal mortality rate in low income countries was 462 per 100,000 live births while in high income countries it was 11 per 100,000 live births. This inequality makes the difference between life and death.

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  • Many of the 630,000 annual deliveries in Nepal occur at home without the support of a skilled birth attendant
  • Globally, around 810 women die from preventable complications during childbirth or pregnancy every day
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One Heart Worldwide

We deliver maternal and neonatal health services throughout Nepal to ensure that women and their babies have access to safe deliveries and lifesaving care. We believe all women and newborns should receive the quality healthcare services they deserve during pregnancy and childbirth, anytime and anyplace. We provide training, medical equipment and supplies, renovate and upgrade birthing centers, train government healthcare providers to become certified Skilled Birth Attendants and train local health workers and Female Community Health Volunteers as frontline health workers for material and newborn health.

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Gift a Birth Kit to Expecting Mothers
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