Help Replant Burnt Trees in British Colombia

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How Do I Take Action? Your donation plants trees to replace those burnt down during the 2017 wildfires in British Colombia and to help restore Canada's boreal forest to its former beauty.

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In 2017, British Columbia suffered from three separate wildfires (Plateau Fire, Elephant Hill and Hanceville), destroying three million acres of forest and displacing 30,000 residents while also becoming their worst fire season in history. They declared a state of emergency, which was extended four times due to the poor air quality where residents of BC were even advised against going outside. While small wildfires can recover on their own, more destructive wildfires like Plateau Fire, Elephant Hill and Hanceville need assistance through tree planting initiatives. Tree Canada’s #OperationReLeaf - British Columbia campaign provides funding to homeowners, land owners, First Nation communities and municipalities to replace trees scorched in the 2017 wildfires. For more than twenty five years, Tree Canada has engaged communities, governments, corporations, and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians. They provide Canadians with education, technical expertise, and the resources to plant and care for urban and rural trees. They’ve planted more than 82 million trees and greened more than 660 schoolyards and 1,100 urban areas across the country.

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The boreal zone covers a third of Earth’s forested area and 30% of Earth’s boreal forests are located in Canada. The Canadian boreal forest is one the last remaining somewhat intact ecosystems on the planet, hosting two thirds of Canada’s 14,000 species of animals, plants and microorganisms. Unnatural wildfires threaten this ecosystem, increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increasing the frequency of stormwater runoff. After the trees and grass burn they are unable to absorb and filter water, leading to an increase of sediment and debris in the lakes, streams and rivers. As healthy forest wetlands store and moderate water flow, wildfires lead to an rise in floods and mudslides, increasing the chances of heavy metals from the ash entering and contaminating water sources used by both humans and animals.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • Boreal forests grow in high-latitude environments which have freezing temperatures for the majority of the year
  • There are four main types of forest on Earth; tropical, subtropical, temperate and boreal
  • The boreal forest, located in Alaska, Canada, Russia and parts of Scandinavia, is called circumpolar as it forms a circle around the North Pole
  • Wildfires are natural phenomenons, however 85% of all wildfires are man-made or due to rising temperatures from climate change
  • Natural wildfires are ecologically important. They allow sunlight to reach the forest floor which allows new trees and plants to thrive, breaks down nutrients in old plant matter which then get absorbed into the soil to be used by new trees and plants and removes invasive tree, plant and insect species and diseases
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Your impact donation is helping to achieve the below Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

  • SDG13 Climate Action
  • SDG15 Life on Land


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Tree Canada

We are committed to creating a greener, healthier and greater Canada by supporting and restoring our incredible environment. Our programs are focused on greening communities and protecting urban forests, restoring forests, biodiversity and wildlife habitats, promoting carbon offsetting and helping communities recover from natural disasters and pests. We have engaged communities, governments, corporations and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians.

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Help Replant Burnt Trees in British Colombia
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