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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides leadership mentoring for children living in poverty in Los Angeles.

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In California, 19.3% of children - around 1.7 million - are living in poverty and do not have access to quality education and life-changing opportunities. Quality education and opportunities must be provided to children in order to break generational cycles of poverty and enable them to reach their full potential. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Carson’s Character and Citizenship Programs help disadvantaged children develop leadership, planning and decision making skills through public speaking, leadership conferences and peer-to-peer council elections.

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Disadvantaged children require support, compassion and guidance in order to break the cycle of poverty, improve their academic performance and self-confidence and pave the way for a great future. This impact has a domino effect because it transforms families, communities and future generations and allows more and more people to be self-sufficient and successful. Education is the solution to poverty.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • 97% of the children in Boys and Girls Clubs of Carson are living in poverty
  • Los Angeles County, where the city of Carson is located, has the highest rate of poverty in California
  • Due to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Carson’s Character and Citizenship programs, 46% of teen members volunteer in their community at least once per month
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Your impact donation is helping to achieve the below Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

  • SDG4 Quality Education


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Boys & Girls Club of Carson

As we are part of the Boys & Girls Club of America movement, we provide after-school programs to 1,000 elementary, middle and high school students to cultivate their ability to dream, discover and develop into lifelong learners. Our programs are designed to ensure all members graduate high school on time and are prepared for secondary education or job training, to help youth become responsible and caring leaders and to develop healthy lifestyles and positive behaviours that allow them to set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.

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Sponsor Leadership Mentoring for Disadvantaged Children
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