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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides special KONG safety toys to help rescue dogs adapt to a new healthy life.

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Currently there are around 70 million homeless cats and dogs in the US, with only six to eight million entering shelters annually and another 1.5 million are being euthanised in shelters due to overpopulation and lack of adopters. Operating in Northern Virginia and the Washington Metropolitan area, A Forever Home Rescue Foundation rescues, treats and rehomes abandoned and neglected puppies and dogs. Equipment is vital to maintain the operation of these no-kill volunteer-based shelters and the health and wellbeing of its animal guests. Many shelters suffer from equipment shortages such as food, toys, leashes and medical supplies. KONGs, chew toys made from indestructible rubber, are perfect for shelter dogs as it fulfils their mental and physical needs, improves their oral health and establishes good behaviour.

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Living in an environment with so many other dogs and noisy distractions can stress dogs out. Stress and boredom can lead to inappropriate, destructive and attention-seeking behaviour, which fuels a negative form of mental and physical stimulation. KONG toys are good for all dogs including destructive chewers, anxious puppies and high energy dogs, and allows them to pass the time as happy dogs while waiting for their forever homes.

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  • The average age of dogs entering shelters in the US is 18 months
  • ASPCA reports that only 23% of dogs are adopted from shelters
  • The KONG’s hollow centre can be stuffed with delicious food like cream cheese or peanut butter. This ‘hunt’ for food provides the necessary mental and physical stimulation while leaving your dog feeling happy and satisfied
  • Freezing KONGs with the food inside allows them to provide longer stimulation
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A Forever Home Rescue Foundation

We are a foster home rescue that has rescued and placed over 17,000 dogs and puppies in their forever homes. We have also helped several rural shelters, transported thousands of homeless pets to safety, provided assistance during major disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, helped reform shelters and assisted in shutting down puppy mills and hoarding situations. We take pride in ensuring that each of our dogs receives the necessary medical care and finds their loving forever home.

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Provide Toys for Rescued Dogs
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