Sustain a Bunny Shelter by Providing Nugget Food

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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides 10kg bags of nutritious nugget food to rescued bunnies in Bristol.

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In reality, many bunnies are bought during the Easter season on a whim, and are later neglected, abused, given to shelters or left in the wild with little chance of survival. The Littlest Lives Rescue in North Bristol aims to rescue and treat bunnies and enter them into loving forever homes. Bunnies have sensitive respiratory and digestive systems, and therefore require specific foods and good medical assistance. Bunnies need a combination of feeding hay, nutritious nugget food, fresh greens and fresh water to promote digestive health and support the immune system.

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A change in the natural balance of a bunny’s systems can lead to death if not treated well or quickly enough, emphasising the importance of proper nutrition and medical care. Nugget foods are filled with minerals, vitamins and natural antioxidants to ensure optimum health of the rescued bunnies.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • 67,000 rabbits are put into shelters every year in the UK
  • Hay makes up 80% of a rabbit’s diet
  • The most common health problem faced by bunnies is due to poor nutrition
  • Rabbit teeth never stop growing. Hay and grass not only ensure healthy digestive systems, but also wear down the teeth to avoid any dental problems
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The Littlest Lives Rescue

So many small animals end up in rescue centres through no fault of their own, whether due to a change in their owner’s circumstances or due to lack of correct information given at the time of purchase. Others are found dumped or simply no longer wanted. The Littlest Lives Rescue is a small, completely self-funded rabbit rescue, based in North Bristol. We provide care and protection for rabbits and other small animals.

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The Littlest Lives Rescue The Littlest Lives Rescue 82 Speedwell Rd, Soundwell, Bristol BS5 7SB, United Kingdom

🇬🇧 Bristol, England
Sustain a Bunny Shelter by Providing Nugget Food
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