Cover The Costs for Volunteers to Work in Emergency Medical Camps

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How Do I Take Action? Your donation funds one day emergency worker packs for a volunteer to work in a Doctors of the World UK camp. The work pack includes all food, accommodation costs, and facilitates access to lifesaving healthcare for those in need.

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Doctors of the World administer 350 programmes in 80 countries run by more than 3,000 volunteers. They operate by setting up camps globally to provide humanitarian aid through medical care, strengthening health systems and addressing underlying barriers to healthcare. Your donation will cover the daily cost of accommodation and food for a volunteer working in a camp. These camps span from setting up health facilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo to combat the high HIV rates among the youth, to rehabilitating health facilities and staff training for communities in Sierra Leone that have been devastated by Ebola, to training health workers and maintaining health facilities decimated by earthquakes in Nepal.

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Your donation will help reduce stark health inequalities around the world by targeting especially vulnerable communities and in the process improving standards of living and saving lives.

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  • Over 60 % of Sierra Leone’s population live in poverty, surviving on less than £1 per day with a third not having access to a safe water supply, which has a huge impact on disease prevalence
  • In 2015, life expectancy was just 49 years for men, and 51 for women
SDG in Action SDG in Action

Your impact donation is helping to achieve the below Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations.

  • SDG3 Good Health and Well-being
  • SDG10 Reduced Inequalities


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Doctors of the World UK

We have a network of more than 400 programmes in over 80 countries, providing emergency and long-term medical care to the world's most vulnerable people. This spans from supplying urgent medical care in Ukraine, giving mental healthcare to refugees in Calais, to strengthening health systems in West Africa. We meet the health needs of vulnerable people globally, with the mission to end health inequalities worldwide.

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Cover The Costs for Volunteers to Work in Emergency Medical Camps
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