Assist in Rehabilitating Wildcats

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How Do I Take Action? Your donation provides toys or scratching posts to assist in the rehabilitation of wildcats in Australia.

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WildCats rescues lost and abandoned wildcats in Australia and rehabilitates and rehomes them as an alternative to the trap-and-kill method. They give every cat a chance at life, as wildcats on the street live in harsh and dangerous environments and suffer from a high mortality rate due to an abundance of injuries and illnesses. Wildcats, unlike typical shelters, provides their cats with a semi-domestic shelter where they aren’t imprisoned in cages and instead have access to nature through large landscaped gardens and are able to interact with people and other rescued cats.

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The trap-and-kill method is pointless, cruel and a never-ending cycle. It creates a ‘vacuum effect’; the removal of existing wildcat populations only allows for new cat populations to move in, whether through neighbouring populations or the offspring of trap-and-kill survivors. Trap-Neuter-Return and rehabilitation campaigns have proven to be the most effective way to mitigate the wildcat issue, but are unfortunately not widely implemented. Rehabilitation prevents wildcats from hunting native Australian species and from being unfairly killed and provides them with well-needed attention and medical care. Toys and scratching posts allows for the cats to socialise and play with each other, speeding up the rehabilitation and adoption process.

Facts & Stats Facts & Stats
  • A wildcat, also called a feral cat, belong to the same species as a domestic cat, but have been forced to live in the wild and hunt for survival
  • Feral cats have led to the extinction of at least 25 native species in Australia, which inspired a cruel trap-and-kill campaign
  • The ‘vacuum effect’ has been observed worldwide through a range of animals, including mountain lions, racoons and badgers
  • In 2015, Australia announced a campaign to kill 2 million feral cats by 2020
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There are thousands of cats being abandoned or dumped in Queensland every year and many are starving and injured orphaned kittens who would almost certainly die without being rescued. WildCats has been rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens left on the street or dumped in industrial estates on the Gold Coast and Brisbane since 2002.

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Assist in Rehabilitating Wildcats
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