The Cat Meet and Greet Experience of Quezon City!

Quezon City, Philippines

Supports a nonprofit

Cultural Experience

from $10 USD 100% goes to a local nonprofit
  • Location:
    Location: Quezon City, Philippines
  • Departures:
    Departures: 9:00AM (local time)
  • Language:
    Language: English
  • Duration:
    Duration: 4 Hours
  • Operates:
    Operates: Sunday
  • Experience Code:
    Experience Code: 15619
  • Visit, meet, and interact with the community of furry felines from Eton Centris.
  • Learn more about cats and the cat community of Quezon City.
  • Experience feeding, playing, and cuddling the friendly local cats.
  • Learn about the state of cat nonprofits in the Philippines.
  • Chat with fellow cat lovers and make new friends from all over the world!
  • Take fun selfies with our cats and your new community of cat loving friends!
  • Explore all the best spots in Eton Centris with a knowledgable local guide, including a hip eco-friendly store.
  • Enjoy an authentic Filipino lunch with new friends (optional)

Supporting Local Nonprofits

100% Donated

Social Good Travel! 100% of the proceeds from booking this cultural experience goes directly to supporting the mission of a local nonprofit organization.

Cats Of Eton Centris Nonprofit Partner
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  • Causes: Animal Services, Cats
  • Impact Area: Quezon City
  • SDGs in Action: SDG15 Life on Land

Join our local cat guide on a fun and informative exploration of the Cats of Eton Centris in Quezon City! Meet and greet the cats, learn about their lives, feed them, take fun cat selfies, and chat with new cat loving friends. We will also have the chance to feed the cats, learn about their daily routines, and understand how to help in building a thriving cat community. All this while learning about Quezon City, the state of cat nonprofits in the region, and what you can do to assist our lovable furry friends when you go back home!

This cultural experience is offered In partnership with Cats of Eton Centris. Cats of Eton Centris is a community of like minded volunteers who organize cat events such as regular feeds, vaccinations, veterinary treatment, adoption, fundraising and other animal welfare activities to help promote the well being of the community cats. It is important to note that 100% of proceeds from booking this experience will go directly to the Cats of Eton Centris, our partner nonprofit organization, who is on a mission to promote the welfare of the community cats of Eton Centris.

This cuddly cat experience is a great way to donate some of your time to a local organization looking after a growing cat population. Whether you are a traveler exploring the area, or a local looking to join a great community, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people in the cat lovers community, while also learning about Quezon City! This experience is focused on meeting and caring for local cats, but it is also an experience that we hope will create new bonds with people in the cat community, and a way to form new friendships with other cat lovers like yourself that you can have for the rest of your life!

During the middle of our experience, we will walk to a fun and classic Filipino Market where you will have the opportunity to see locals showcasing their wares, food, plants, crafts, and other exciting things. This is a good time to meet other cat lovers in our community, fellow traveling cat lovers, and learn about the Quezon City cat community. Along the way, we will walk around Eton Centris and discover a few other local gems including a sustainable eco-friendly store, a unique laser tag game, and a whole lot more!

Come join us for a fun and informative Cat Hopping Experience to care for our cats, meet new cat loving friends, enjoy a delicious Filipino lunch, and have a fun day out with a great community of people, all while helping to support the cat caring community of Quezon City!

-Lunch and other purchases are not included, but good conversation and a fulfilling experience are both included!

Meeting / Return Point
Meeting Point:
Eton Centris, Quezon City
Return Point:
Same as meeting point.
  • Adult: $15 USD
  • Children: $10 USD
  • Student: $12 USD
What to bring
  • All your cat loving friends!
  • Bottled water
  • A friendly attitude
  • An open heart and mind
  • Cat conversation (optional)
  • Cash for lunch and cat souvenirs (optional)
What is included
  • Expert local cat guide
  • Cat meet, greet, feeding, and cuddling
  • A discussion about the Filipino cat communities
  • Fun times and thought-provoking conversations
  • A visit to a trendy weekend market
  • Tasty cat treats and food (for the cats, not you)
  • A tour of the best spots in Eton Centris
  • A souvenir tote bag from the Cats of Eton Centris
5 Out of 5

from Manila , PH

Fun time with all the cats and the group. I am a cat lover and supporter so this was a fun and unique way to support a great nonprofit. I would recommend this experience for other people as well.

The Cat Meet and Greet Experience of Quezon City!

Quezon City, Philippines