Participate in a Brazilian Seafood Moqueca Cooking Class

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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  • Location:
    Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Departures:
    Departures: 16:00 PM (local time)
  • Language:
    Language: English, Portuguese
  • Duration:
    Duration: 4 hours
  • Operates:
    Operates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Experience Code:
    Experience Code: 13016
  • Experience an authentic Brazilian cooking class led by a Professional Chef
  • Learn to prepare one of Brazil's most traditional dishes - Moqueca
  • Delight in creating tasty local side dishes and drinks
  • Enjoy recreating these delicious dishes back home with the knowledge you've gained during the class
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Our Professional Chef Instructors will lead you on a culinary journey through the unique flavors of Brazil's world-renowned cuisine as you learn how to prepare delicious traditional dishes, sides, drinks, and desserts.

In this cooking class you'll make one of Brazil's most traditional meals - Seafood Moqueca. Originally from Espírito Santo in southeast Brazil, locals have been making moqueca for over 300 years, and variants are now found all over the country. Seafood moqueca uses an array of salt water fish to create a delicious stew. This dish also utilizes the full flavors of coconut milk, tomatoes, onions, garlic, coriander, and palm oil to enhance the stew.

During your class, you'll not only learn to prepare Brazililan cuisine, but you'll also gain a better cultural and historical understanding of the country, as our chef will explain the significance and roots of each of the dishes we'll make.

Once our moqueca is in the works, we'll begin cooking a variety of side dishes, which will serve as the perfect accompaniments, including toasted cassava banana forafa, Brazilian garlic rice, and cassava sticks. Of course, no meal is complete without a refreshing drink or two to go along with it! We'll learn to prepare a coconut batida drink as well the famous lime caipirinha - a must-have while in Brazil. To top off our culinary journey, we'll enjoy a tasty surprise dessert, a perfect end to this entertaining flavor experience.

Join us and discover the wonderful world of Brazilian cuisine, and learn to prepare amazing dishes you can recreate for your family and friends back home!

Meeting / Return Point
Meeting Point:
Rua Belfort Roxo 161, 2nd floor, Copacabana
  • Adult: $75 USD
  • Transportation: $0 USD
  • Group: $75 USD
What to bring
  • Camera
What is included
  • Professional Chef Instructor, food, drink
Participate in a Brazilian Seafood Moqueca Cooking Class

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil