The Fundación ProSíndrome de Down de Cancún Challenge

Cancún, Mexico

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Record a video discussing how you can support young people with Down's Syndrome. Send us the video to complete this social good activity!


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Participant location: Participant location: Cancún, Mexico
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Fundación Pro Sindrome de Down de Cancún

We provide quality education to each and every one of our students and we are continually striving to improve our services, which we believe are getting better day by day. By sharing knowledge and helping people with Down's Syndrome, we are making this world a better place for them, as well as improving awareness of the syndrome. Our ultimate goal is to empower our students, making them feel useful and capable.


Reg 94 Mz. 11 Lot 1 Av. 103 between Av. Miguel Hidalgo and Fco. I. Madero Cancún Q. Roo, CP 77518 México

The Fundación ProSíndrome de Down de Cancún Challenge

Cancún, Mexico